Has your line-work lost its luster? Have your headlines lost their heft? Have your pearls of wisdom lost their pop? It’s time to polish those jewels to shine their brightest!   You’ve collected all of those conversational gems and nuggets of information, but they just lay there, flat and lifeless on the page.   Now
Visual Thinking for Problem-Solving can be done with the simplest of visual tools: diagrams. This online workshop demonstrates a framework of five diagrams that can take you from brainstorming to planning a course of action. These diagrams work for group facilitation or one-to-one coaching, from strategy sessions to personal development planning. Facilitators who worry about
April 23, 2017
What techniques do you use to Listen for Diversity? Let’s find out what’s possible when we honour diversity as part of our visual practice! Diversity comes in infinite forms — race, gender, cultures, age, and abilities to just name a few. Many of us are working in specialized fields and it’s not one size fits
What it is: This hands-on session explores a framework for designing and facilitating virtual collaborative work and introduces seven best practices. You’ll have a chance to facilitate one of the practices yourself while experiencing them all in a simulated virtual meeting right there in the room. You’ll see how a facilitator sets up tools for
Drawing visual storytelling cartoons with bikablo® emotions Tell a visual story in 90 minutes. Simple cartoons are perfect to transport emotions and situations in a team setting, to explain methods, to tell a success story or a customer journey. The visual dictionary (we like to think of a bikablorary) “bikablo®-emotions” will guide us through this
April 11, 2017
You fly solo. You are your company front, middle and back office. You are your business!   But… do you know if your business is creating value? And do you know if your business is adapting to this changing world? It is time to revise how you earn your livelihood! It is time to revise
We are tellers, catchers, and jugglers of stories. How do we hear what’s coming at us and capture it in a vivid way, while also creating a big picture with a through-line? What about weaving sub-plots into big narrative arcs? How do we infuse our visual and verbal stories with whole-body sensibility to make stories
Whiteboard animation, sketch video, videoscribe: whatever you call it, there’s no denying that this style of video is effective at making complex, dry information more engaging. And you’ve probably been asked at some point: “Can you make them?”   It may seem like a different skillset, but they don’t care—it’s all just sketching, right?  
What emotions wash over you as you hear the word “story”? Where does your mind meander at the mention of storytelling? Which memories are stirred by your storycatching experiences? In this session, we will co-create a receptive listening/speaking space so that we can reconnect with the art of storytelling, engage in story practice, and share
You’ve seen the books, now get a chance to learn from the bikablo® team. In this workshop you will get insight into the bikablo® visualization technique, which thousands of people apply on flipcharts and pin boards for better trainings, meetings, coaching and projects. You will explore: • Marker and stroke: basic toolsets for your flipchart