Whiteboard animation, sketch video, videoscribe: whatever you call it, there’s no denying that this style of video is effective at making complex, dry information more engaging. And you’ve probably been asked at some point: “Can you make them?”   It may seem like a different skillset, but they don’t care—it’s all just sketching, right?  
What emotions wash over you as you hear the word “story”? Where does your mind meander at the mention of storytelling? Which memories are stirred by your storycatching experiences? In this session, we will co-create a receptive listening/speaking space so that we can reconnect with the art of storytelling, engage in story practice, and share
You’ve seen the books, now get a chance to learn from the bikablo® team. In this workshop you will get insight into the bikablo® visualization technique, which thousands of people apply on flipcharts and pin boards for better trainings, meetings, coaching and projects. You will explore: • Marker and stroke: basic toolsets for your flipchart
The world today is rife with conflict. Hateful rhetoric and divisive policies have created fertile ground for major social unrest in many countries. Those who have a desire to work for social justice have begun to harness art, poetry and visual representation as powerful tools that can support social change. The workshop “Graphic Facilitation In
Visuals increase engagement, comprehension and the recall of information. As a visual practitioner you can help your clients find these gems in their meetings by working visuals and graphics into a facilitation practice.   Participants will have opportunities to: ..Learn about the four pillars of facilitation. ..Advance beyond using sticky notes and stick people to
Learn to create a better visual metaphor. Find your personal resource of creativity and tap into it to build visual metaphors that enhance content, tell a story, and animate your board. Here’s Lucinda to share more information about her session. Watch Learn more about Lucinda.
Learn the fundamentals of calligraphy and how to use your lettering more effectively in sketch notes and graphic recording. Specifically, participants will learn the logic, proportions and spacing of majestic Roman Capitals and their lowercase counterparts. Students will be shown how to create the letterforms with monoline, brush and broad edge tools. They will also
Graphic Facilitation: Toward Mastery is focused on emerging visual practitioners with 3+ years of experience (aimed at practitioners with 3 – 5 years experience) to advance their core visual skills and deepen their business development knowledge. Our accelerated workshop (evening + 1 day session) is tailored to meet participant’s goals and is set in a
April 11, 2017
In what has become an annual tradition, IFVP is pleased to announce that we’ll be offering scholarships for this year’s conference to a select number of IFVP members! The scholarship provides a $1,000.00 discount towards a registration package in exchange for approximately ten hours of work across the duration of the conference.   As a
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