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Are you an intrepid explorer on a hunt to discover hidden treasure? Then join us at Decatur 2017 for 4 days of finding treasure together!   Day One: Opening the Map – beginning our treasure hunting journey together. Join Decatur 2017 host, Mary Alice Arthur, for an evening designed to create community and connection.   Day Two: Taking the
Did you know that you are the most fabulous hidden treasure at this conference?  What?!  Did you say “No”?  Our penultimate plenary will give you an opportunity to find out more about your hidden talents and treasures.  Through the wise listening of peers, you will be given a sneak peek into your own treasure chest.  You’ll
Each of us is a treasure chest brimming with experience and wisdom. The key is finding it!  During this session, we will work together in small groups to capture, harvest and synthesize the vast amount of experience that lies within our explorer team.  Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been at work
Drawing visual storytelling cartoons with bikablo® emotions Tell a visual story in 90 minutes. Simple cartoons are perfect to transport emotions and situations in a team setting, to explain methods, to tell a success story or a customer journey. The visual dictionary (we like to think of a bikablorary) “bikablo®-emotions” will guide us through this
We are tellers, catchers, and jugglers of stories. How do we hear what’s coming at us and capture it in a vivid way, while also creating a big picture with a through-line? What about weaving sub-plots into big narrative arcs? How do we infuse our visual and verbal stories with whole-body sensibility to make stories
What emotions wash over you as you hear the word “story”? Where does your mind meander at the mention of storytelling? Which memories are stirred by your storycatching experiences? In this session, we will co-create a receptive listening/speaking space so that we can reconnect with the art of storytelling, engage in story practice, and share