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Are you an intrepid explorer on a hunt to discover hidden treasure? Then join us at Decatur 2017 for 4 days of finding treasure together!   Day One: Opening the Map – beginning our treasure hunting journey together. Join Decatur 2017 host, Mary Alice Arthur, for an evening designed to create community and connection.   Day Two: Taking the
Learn to expand the use of your visual artifacts to develop deeper relationships with your clients. Understand the science behind why visuals work. It helps you assign value to the work you do.     Join panelists: Lindsay Roffe from Ink Factory, Anne Gibbons from AnneDrawn, Julie Stuart from Making Ideas Visible and Jim Nuttle to learn
This virtual session will feature a variety of visual practitioners who have created community in their parts of the world, and around the world. We are delighted to showcase Diane Bleck, creator of the Doodle Institute; Holger Scholz, co-creator of EuViz; Makayla Lewis creator of Sketchnote Hangout; and Tim Hamons member of Singapore Based Graphic
April 11, 2017
You fly solo. You are your company front, middle and back office. You are your business!   But… do you know if your business is creating value? And do you know if your business is adapting to this changing world? It is time to revise how you earn your livelihood! It is time to revise
April 11, 2017
In what has become an annual tradition, IFVP is pleased to announce that we’ll be offering scholarships for this year’s conference to a select number of IFVP members! The scholarship provides a $1,000.00 discount towards a registration package in exchange for approximately ten hours of work across the duration of the conference.   As a
  The IFVP Bookstore will once again be a part of our 2017 IFVP Conference. So, if you would like to have your book or product….perhaps that deck of cards you have been working on available to the community, keep reading!   Books and products by our fellow members will be on display and available
Another reason to love #IFVP2017 Official Equipment Supplier neuland.  This year, conference attendees can pre-order their Neuland supplies from the whole range of products on their website – and it will be waiting for them all packed up and ready for them to pick up at IFVP Decatur 2017.    Need more reasons to pre-order?    For IFVP Conference Attendees only:  •You’ll get a 10% discount