Graphic Facilitation: Toward Mastery is focused on emerging visual practitioners with 3+ years of experience (aimed at practitioners with 3 – 5 years experience) to advance their core visual skills and deepen their business development knowledge. Our accelerated workshop (evening + 1 day session) is tailored to meet participant’s goals and is set in a
Participants will learn some foundational facilitation skills that are based on the six competencies as described and applied by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). This workshop is intended for graphic recorders wishing to add a facilitation component to their services.   Participants will learn the essentials of what all great facilitators always do: ..
April 11, 2017
In what has become an annual tradition, IFVP is pleased to announce that we’ll be offering scholarships for this year’s conference to a select number of IFVP members! The scholarship provides a $1,000.00 discount towards a registration package in exchange for approximately ten hours of work across the duration of the conference.   As a
  The IFVP Bookstore will once again be a part of our 2017 IFVP Conference. So, if you would like to have your book or product….perhaps that deck of cards you have been working on available to the community, keep reading!   Books and products by our fellow members will be on display and available
Another reason to love #IFVP2017 Official Equipment Supplier neuland.  This year, conference attendees can pre-order their Neuland supplies from the whole range of products on their website – and it will be waiting for them all packed up and ready for them to pick up at IFVP Decatur 2017.    Need more reasons to pre-order?    For IFVP Conference Attendees only:  •You’ll get a 10% discount
Greg T Whicker is offering a one and a half day pre-conference workshop that pulls from his unique background as a builder. Join him for a hands-on experience and learn how to build large scale event displays! Workshop Description:  Buried in each of us lies a treasure-trove of ideas and inspiration that’s just waiting to