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Are you an intrepid explorer on a hunt to discover hidden treasure? Then join us at Decatur 2017 for 4 days of finding treasure together!
Day One: Opening the Map – beginning our treasure hunting journey together. Join Decatur 2017 host, Mary Alice Arthur, for an evening designed to create community and connection.
Day Two: Taking the Journey – X Marks the Spot. Today we’ll explore interactive workshops designed for professional development. Whether you are interested in story telling, graphic recording, consulting & change management, facilitation or business development, our plenary and breakout sessions contain treasures for every visual practitioner.
Day Three: Opening the Chest and Polishing the Gems. Explore further with unique breakout sessions and a plenary that will help us capture, harvest and synthesize the vast amount of experience that lies within our explorer team. Then join us for a dinner party to relax and celebrate the riches we have found.
Day Four: Taking the Treasure Home. On the final day of our journey together we dig deep one more time, finding the most valuable treasure of all – ourselves!
Get the details here. Download both agendas and click on the titles to link to details about the sessions:
Plenary Agenda
Breakout Session Agenda

Jenny Trautman is Co-Chair of the 2017 IFVP Conference and President of the IFVP Board of Directors. In her day job she is a visual facilitator who cannot imagine working with a group without huge sheets of paper on the walls and markers in everyone's hands.