Dr. Makayla Lewis is a virtual panelist at Decatur 2017.

Diane Bleck is virtual panelist at Decatur 2017.

Holger Scholz is a virtual panelist at Decatur 2017.

This virtual session will feature a variety of visual practitioners who have created community in their parts of the world, and around the world. We are delighted to showcase Diane Bleck, creator of the Doodle Institute; Holger Scholz, co-creator of EuViz; Makayla Lewis creator of Sketchnote Hangout; and Tim Hamons member of Singapore Based Graphic Recorders. The panelists will speak to their inspirations for developing a sense of community, an overview of how they did it, and the amazing results they are achieving. There is much to be learned from our colleagues who set out on uncharted waters.


Learn more about Makayla,  Diane and Holger.

Jenny Trautman is Co-Chair of the 2017 IFVP Conference and President of the IFVP Board of Directors. In her day job she is a visual facilitator who cannot imagine working with a group without huge sheets of paper on the walls and markers in everyone's hands.