April 23, 2017

Sam Bradd

What techniques do you use to Listen for Diversity?

Let’s find out what’s possible when we honour diversity as part of our visual practice!

Diversity comes in infinite forms — race, gender, cultures, age, and abilities to just name a few. Many of us are working in specialized fields and it’s not one size fits all. It’s an exciting time as visual practice expands for us to share wisdom about “Listening for Diversity” techniques that work for practitioners, clients, and communities.

Sam will share the results of new feedback from the field, and the workshop format will be a casual fishbowl conversation, plus a new model for reflection.

Some questions to get us started: If we’re working in an unfamiliar context, what resources can we turn to? What can we draw? Picture an iceberg – what we draw is only what’s on the surface. What else can we do to support diversity? Join us!

Take Sam’s survey on Listening with Diversity. Hurry! Survey closes on May 8th.

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Jenny Trautman is Co-Chair of the 2017 IFVP Conference and President of the IFVP Board of Directors. In her day job she is a visual facilitator who cannot imagine working with a group without huge sheets of paper on the walls and markers in everyone’s hands.