What it is: This hands-on session explores a framework for designing and facilitating virtual collaborative work and introduces seven best practices. You’ll have a chance to facilitate one of the practices yourself while experiencing them all in a simulated virtual meeting right there in the room. You’ll see how a facilitator sets up tools for the group while also seeing what those tools look like from the group’s point of view. We will wrap up the session with a game designed to help you feel more prepared for the challenges that arise spontaneously during virtual work! You are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet if you can.

What it isn’t: This is not a virtual graphic recording workshop. In fact, none of the approaches require graphic recording at all, although they all include visual support. The session is not about designing or running an individual virtual meeting. It also will not cover how to use any particular tools in depth.
What you’ll leave with: You will receive a copy of the framework for your reference as well as step-by-step instructions for each of the seven best practices we use. You will also receive the benefit of an extended conversation in your small group about the challenges, risks, and success factors of virtual facilitation. Hopefully, you will also leave with more confidence and less fear about working virtually!


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Jenny Trautman is Co-Chair of the 2017 IFVP Conference and President of the IFVP Board of Directors. In her day job she is a visual facilitator who cannot imagine working with a group without huge sheets of paper on the walls and markers in everyone’s hands.