David Sibbet is presenting at Decatur 2017.

Gisela Wendling, Ph.D. is presenting at Decatur 2017.

David Sibbet and Gisela Wendling, Ph.D, have been combining visual facilitation and dialogic OD practices in a comprehensive approach to designing & leading change. They will share their new Respectful Engagement Consulting Framework and Seven Challenges of Change model, with an orientation to how visual practitioners can provide full value across the change consulting spectrum. Their session will explore how visual practice transforms key narratives, provides generative images for change, and invites practitioners to work on the energy fields of the group as well as their spoken and presented communications.
This will be an interactive session covering new material not included at David and Gisela’s workshop at The Grove.
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Jenny Trautman is Co-Chair of the 2017 IFVP Conference and President of the IFVP Board of Directors. In her day job she is a visual facilitator who cannot imagine working with a group without huge sheets of paper on the walls and markers in everyone’s hands.